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Balance for Good Therapeutic Lifestyle Program

Good Health, isn’t that what everyone wants? If that’s what you want, the Balance For Good program can help.

  • Increase your Energy and Mental Clarity
  • Dramatically reduce your Risk of Chronic Disease*
  • Reverse High Cholesterol, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes
  • Thrive Well into old age

*Heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, stress-related disorders, fatigue disorders, PMS, menopausal symptoms, and conditions related to overweight and obesity.

What is Balance For Good?

Balance For Good is a therapeutic lifestyle program. A “therapeutic lifestyle” means making choices every day that will enhance your health and help prevent disease, enabling you to achieve a full, healthy life. This program is based on one developed by Metagenics, Inc, which has published data on its benefits in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Balance For Good is based on extensive scientific research demonstrating that many chronic diseases can be prevented and treated by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Therapeutic lifestyle programs are now recommended by leading health organizations as a primary therapy for those with many of the conditions listed above. (see *) Adopting habits of living that are healthy may delay the onset of illness in old age—and increase your years of good health and full function.

Fundamentals of Balance For Good

The path to optimal health begins with:

  • Knowledge of a healthy lifestyle
  • Balanced eating habits
  • Regular physical activity
  • Appropriate nutritional supplementation with condition-specific nutrients
  • Emotional management / stress reduction for balance and to lessen the impact of adrenal dysfunction
  • Sleep for proper mind/body function

The end result is a program that not only helps control premature aging, but also helps to prevent and cure chronic disease and prolong vitality.


Getting Started

First, you need to know your current health status. A variety of assessments may be done, including a measurement of your body composition (ratio of body fat to muscle) and cellular health. Labwork will also need to be done.

Perhaps the most powerful tool in controlling the aging process and restoring vitality is to improve your muscle to fat ratio. Knowing your weight on the scale and even your BMI can be misleading and cause little or no improvement with diet and exercise. Appropriate nutrients help your body work from the inside, so only moderate physical activity can be used to achieve your goals.


Balance For Good Components

For those with a medical condition, the program is usually discussed as part of a consultation visit with Dr Warner. For those wishing to improve their general health or simply lose weight/shift body composition, you may enter the program at any time. Lab work is generally obtained prior to starting the program, though this can be done after your first visit.

Program components include:

  • Individual consultations including Bioimpedance testing to determine eating plan
  • Personal guidebook
  • Close follow up visits, every 2-3 weeks
  • Bioimpedance testing at follow up visits to monitor progress
  • Nutritional product recommendations (cost of some products included in overall cost of program)
  • Emotional management workshops with Brad Hubbell
  • Pedometer to draw attention to daily activity
  • “Points” to use toward other services to further individualize your experience

Optional services include:

  • Massage and bodywork with Elizabeth Kinloch
  • Osteopathic Manipulation from Tom Sabalaske, DO
  • Biomeridien readings with Suzette Gore, LOM
  • Constitutional homeopathy consultation with Beth Rotondo
  • Shamanic healing session with Lisa Weikel, Esq
  • Rubenfeld Synergy session with Lori Schlosser, PhD


Balance For Good Program Schedule

Week 1: Initial consultation with Life Style Educator to determine health goals and do initial measurements. You’ll receive a guidebook, instructions and advice about nutritional supplements. You begin your program.

Weeks 2-5: Every other week visits for lifestyle counseling and remeasurement. Advice and adjustment of nutritional supplements and eating plan as needed. Appointments for optional services and emotional management workshops.

Week 6: Mid-point consultation with Dr Warner to evaluate progress. Retesting of labwork as necessary.

Weeks 7-11: Continued visits with Lifestyle Educator for lifestyle counseling and adjustment of plan as needed. Appointments for optional services and emotional management workshops.

Week 12: Retesting to evaluate progress. Consultation visit with Dr Warner. If your goals have been achieved, a maintenance program may be prescribed to ensure that your health improvements are maintained. If not all of your goals have been reached, you may decide to continue your program for a longer period of time.


Program Fees

Fee for included components is $1700 for the 12 weeks. Nutritional consultation visits and appointments with Dr Warner may be reimbursable from your insurance. There is a 5% discount for payment in full at the beginning of the program, otherwise we ask for 3 monthly payments.