Dr Warner to be a guest on the Dr Oz show!

Integrative Medicine gets National TV Exposure!
Last week, I had the pleasure of taping a show with Dr Oz, along with 3 of my friends and colleagues, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr David Perlmutter and Dr Susan Blum.  Although Mehmet Oz has always promoted more natural approaches to health and wellness on his show, it is the first time he has specifically discussed Functional Medicine on the air.  The show stresses the difference between treating symptoms and searching for and then alleviating the causes of the disease.  The audience was interested in hearing how to avoid medication and seemed particularly intrigued by the idea of using food as medicine.

A certain amount of “tongue in cheek” was used for the opening shots — this is tv entertainment, after all–but the good news is that both Dr Oz, his team and the audience were educated in a better way to practice medicine.
It was also a fascinating experience for me, watching a veritable army of staffers who move quickly to get the show taped.  Everything from someone to coordinate our travel, to separate producers for the intro shoot and the show itself.  Even a “cheerleader”–the staffer who gets the on-stage audience excited and enthusiastic prior to the show.  And of course, the make up and hair professionals….yeah, even I had to have makeup!
Once the final decision has been made regarding when the show will air, we will be sure to pass that along!
Here’s a shot from the intro:

Drs Perlmutter, Warner, Hyman and Blum


  1. Mariana01-15-2012

    I just watched the Dr. Oz show. Great going!! You looked and sounded fabulous and I enjoyed the information provided by you and the other physicians.


  2. Danene Birtell12-09-2011

    Congratulations, Dr. Warner. You have been amazing since I was a young girl. I can’t wait to see the show.


  3. Dr. Wendy Warner12-07-2011

    Just wanted to say a big THANKS for all these kind words! It’s amazing to have this outpouring of support and pride from those I care for and serve.

  4. Heather12-06-2011

    You are such a pioneer! Always knew you were destined for television and a soon to be written new book. This awesome news is going on my Facebook page so I can share with all of my friends. Just waiting to hear of your date. We are ever so grateful for your continued work with integrative medicine in our community. BTW, Dr. Oz needs you. It’s an honor for him to have YOU there.

  5. Elaine Trosino12-06-2011

    Congratulations! You were so integral in helping me on my journey to health and wellness. Glad you are being recognized in this way and have the chance to share your knowledge with so many.

  6. Maryanne Sprout12-06-2011

    Congratulations Dr. Warner! I’ve been one of your patients for a couple of years and I’m just now realizing your commitment to nutritian as healing and preventative medicine. The irony is that I found Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian approach a few months ago myself and it’s changed my life. I can’t wait to see the show.

  7. Liz S12-05-2011

    Wow! You’ll be famous! I’m making all my appointments now while I still can.

  8. Jenn K12-05-2011

    Congratulations, Dr. Warner! Looking forward to seeing the show!

  9. Katherine Eyre12-05-2011

    Congratulations Wendy!! We will definitiely watch the show. How wonderful for you and for MIB 🙂

  10. Susie DeLuca12-05-2011

    This is fabulous news! I’m so glad that Dr Oz discovered you because you are the best doctor out there. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see you on the show.

  11. Linda Somers12-05-2011

    Dr. Oz features some very informative medical advice. Can’t wait to see you on his show.

  12. Lois Dean12-05-2011

    YOU have impacted my health and well being immensely and enlightened me (and consequently my family) in so many areas while enjoying delicious “real food” at our gatherings. Many thanks!
    I am so happy for you!

  13. Karen McGlynn12-05-2011

    Way to go!!!! When will it air? I almost didn’t recognize the picture with your lab coat on! You do the most for so many of us! It’s a tremendous boost for Holistic Medicine in our area!

  14. Nancee Goldstein12-05-2011

    Wendy, you belong in that pantheon!

  15. Marielena12-05-2011

    Congratulations! Please make sure to let us know when the show is going to air because I definitely want to see this!!! Btw, I grew up in television via my dad, who worked behind the scenes at KYW all his life, so you brought back memories of all the army of staffers and production before a show. Again, congrats and can’t wait to see you!

  16. Karen Lane12-05-2011

    We are so excited to see you on the Dr. Oz show. So many of our customers at GNC in Newtown follow Dr. Oz religiously. His recommendation of sea buckthorn for hair, skin and nails has been especially popular with our customers. They are using this product internally and externally and are having excellent results such as improved skin tone and texture, better hair growth and an improvement in their nails. We will be waiting with anticipation for your appearance on his show. Congratulations from all of us at GNC in Newtown!!

  17. Carol Townsend12-05-2011

    Awesome Dr. Warner! I look forward to seeing the show! I had a life changing experience attending Dr. Fuhrman’s immersion weekend in Princeton Nov 18th. We learned so much about the effects of food on disease and what to eat for good health! The food was outstanding! Dr. Fuhrman has found a nutritarian chef. The lectures on food addiction and toxic hunger were especially eye opening for me. Light bulb moments! There were 350 attendees. The people that I met were all so wonderful! I am very very excited about this way of eating and making all of the recipes! This is my passion (remember I told you?) to use food to eliminate or prevent disease. Many attendees were older folks trying to get off of their blood pressure and diabetes meds.

  18. Mark Levy12-05-2011

    Very cool Wendy. Congrats for being selected. I’ll be watching!

  19. Claudia Gladish12-05-2011

    How exciting, Wendy! I can’t wait to watch this episode. I love that you’ll be getting national exposure and help with the re-modeling of true health care.

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