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Many of you have been in contact with us after watching the Dr Oz show last Friday; thanks for your kind comments.  Since it’s TV, there were time constraints that limited some of our answers…..I’d like to elaborate a bit more now.

First, the smoothie recipe.  Please understand that I made the recipe a bit more simple for the show.  What we made on air would NOT be adequate for breakfast, as there isn’t enough protein; it’s just a nice snack.  Also, the “recipe” section of Dr Oz’s website labels this smoothie as “fat-blasting”.  That’s a misconception and I hope I didn’t leave folks with the impression that it’s some kind of magic potion!  It has nutrients that will help balance hormones, which will allow the fat to come off.  Here’s what Brad and I actually drink each day:  (remember, this is for two people)

2-3 tbl flax seeds

2-3 tbl hemp seeds

2-3 Brazil nuts

1-2 tbl pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

~2 tsp herbal extract that includes ashwaganda and other adaptogens

big chunk of sweet red bell pepper (for antioxidants)

fruit, ~1 cup.  This is usually a combo of orange, apple, maybe berries or pineapple.

Several handsful of raw greens, like chard, spinach, kale, collards, even parsley.

Cooled, brewed green or white tea—amount varies depending on consistency you like.

Throw all this in a good blender (we use a vitamix).  I have it for a midmorning snack at the office; Brad uses his for breakfast.  (I’ve usually had a small breakfast at home with protein, like good sardines or eggs).

Now, the issue of adrenal dysfunction.  Yes, it’s essential to get this under control in order to manage menopause symptoms.  But it’s not just about taking ashwaganda!  That and other herbal adaptogens definitely help, but as I always say, if you’re supporting your adrenals with herbs on the one hand but still living your life like a tiger’s chasing you, that’s like driving with the gas and brake pedals both on at the same time.  Please remember that how you live your life is what is important here.  Movement and quiet time and emotional management are first line therapy; the herbs are merely supportive.  That’s why I have Brad available to teach folks the techniques designed by the HeartMath Institute, since they have been shown to help balance out cortisol and dhea, two important adrenal hormones.  That’s also why I recommend yoga and tai chi, and have those classes available at the office.

Integrative Holistic Medicine, Functional Medicine.  I just want to make sure that everyone understands some terminology here.  The Dr Oz show was specifically referring to Functional Medicine, which is essentially a way of thinking about health and disease which treats the root cause of illness and not just the symptoms.  Integrative Holistic Medicine is slightly different; although this form of healing also addresses root causes, it tends to include more traditional healing systems such as acupuncture, botanical medicine, ayurveda, energy medicine, etc.  Many practitioners actually fall into both “camps”—they may have functional medicine training but refer to themselves simply as a holistic physician.

There are actually many integrative holistic physicians in the country; there are also a number of functional medicine practitioners, although not all of these are physicians.
For integrative holistic physicians, please go to www.abihm.org.  There is a searchable database of all physicians who are board certified in holistic medicine in the country.
If you are looking specifically for a Functional Medicine practitioner, then please go to www.functionalmedicine.org.  There is a searchable database here as well.

More publicity for our message about changing the medicine we ALL do:  If you are excited about the ideas that my colleagues and I presented on the show, please let Dr Oz and his staff know!  If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, please go to this link:  http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/functional-medicine-approach-menopause  and join in the conversation at the bottom of the page.  If you aren’t doing either of those, please go to the home page (www.doctoroz.com) and scroll to the very bottom–you’ll see a “contact us” link where you can leave comments.  Sometime later today or tomorrow, there should be video clips on the Dr Oz website—share them with friends and have them contact the show as well.  If the show hears from enough people, they will likely be willing to have us back to further the conversation!

More Info:  If you’d like to see some more video and written answers to questions like our discussion on the Oz show, go to www.sharecare.com.  This is a website started by Mehmet Oz, MD and staff and is a fine source of health information.  My colleagues and I are all authors of answers you might want to read; just go to “search” on this page and put in our names in order to reach each of our individual pages.

Thanks again for all your support; we’re really excited for the opportunity to spread the word about the kind of medicine we practice!







  1. Karen Bell12-02-2014

    Dr. Warner,
    I have been taking the Estrovera for almost 4 months now. My hot flashes stopped after the during the third month. So grateful, as I have tried so many things! My question is, how long can I continue to take the Estrovera?

    • Dr. Wendy Warner12-23-2014

      please contact the office directly. Obviously, I only monitor this sporadically….

  2. Donna04-09-2014

    I am in love with Estrovera! I feel normal again, started having hot flashes 2 days before my 53rd birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, NOT!
    I am now flash free, and feeling like I can sail through menopause because of this great product.

  3. Rodica08-31-2012

    what is the name of your Website? Thank you, Rodica.

  4. rodica08-14-2012

    Is the Siberian Rhubarb Extract 4mg that I can get at the Vitamine store the Same with “ESTROVERA”? Thank you, this is very important to know, Rodica.

    • Dr. Wendy Warner08-17-2012

      No, I don’t think so.

      • rodica08-18-2012

        If I take ESTROVERA by METAGENICS, do I have to take Ashwagandha 500mgtwice a Day? Thank you for your Response, is good to know.

        • Dr. Wendy Warner08-28-2012

          Most people find that if they don’t deal with the adrenal/stress issue, then the products used for hot flashes (estrovera, black cohosh) don’t work quite as well. The ashwaganda works to support the adrenals; adopting a stress management technique of some kind helps as well. You could do yoga, meditation or techniques from the HeartMath Institute, which we teach in our office. Please see our website for more info.

  5. rodica08-13-2012

    I have a total histerectomy( uterus, cervix, overies with cicts remuved) I am taking Estrogens hormones for 23 years. I want to stop the hormones and try your Siberian Rhubarb Extract 4mg once a day, with Ashwagandha Supplements 500mg twice a day. Will this work for me? Thank you for your response.

    • Dr. Wendy Warner08-13-2012

      It’s very hard to give appropriate medical advice for someone I don’t know (it’s also a bad idea!). You might want to discuss this with the person who prescribes your hormones. Most women find that they can wean off hormones if and when they attend to the adrenal dysfunction. That takes stress management as well as the ashwaganda!

  6. Deanna08-10-2012

    Is Estrovera safe to use if I’m also taking a low dose of progesterone?

    • Dr. Wendy Warner08-11-2012

      Yes, but see my last reply: it’s just a bit redundant. If you’re on progesterone and still feel out of balance, you should look further for why that is.

  7. sheila08-08-2012

    hello dr. wendy , my question is can i take both supplements you mentioned on dr oz if i am taking estradiol and prometrium. please let me know thanks.

    • Dr. Wendy Warner08-11-2012

      Yes, you could, but it would be a bit redundant. Since I was talking about herbs, and you’re already on hormones, the hormones will most likely “overpower” the herbs and you might not see much difference.

  8. Dr. Wendy Warner04-30-2012

    Yes, there are lots of good quality adaptogens out there. I’m using Vital Adapt by Natura (this company was started by a very well known herbalist, Donnie Yance).

  9. Katie04-29-2012

    Hi Dr. Warner,
    Thank you for your willingness to share your whole body approach to healing. I’m wondering if you can help me with the brand of the supplement containing ashwagandha and other adaptogens that you use in your smoothie. There are SO many bottles of everything out there…it can get a little overwhelming.
    Thanks again,

  10. teri garner04-10-2012

    Dr. Warner,
    I see an integrative holistic physicians and have been using topical BHT creams, DHEA (5mg) and pregnenalone (50mg), but the whole regimen goes against my core. I have discontinued the creams only and have been using Estrovera (one tablet) and Ashwagandha (two per day) along with the pregenealone and DHEA for three weeks now. I continue to have hot flashes through the day and night. My question is: can I increase the dose of Estrovera or does this create a risk? Can I take black cohosh along with my new regimen? Also, can you give me dosage guidelines? Your insight and experience is appreciated.

    • Dr. Wendy Warner04-12-2012

      One thing I can tell you is be patient—Estrovera takes somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks to kick in. In fact, I send two bottles home with each of my patients when they first start, since it only comes in 30-day bottles. Increasing the dose doesn’t seem to make any difference. Good luck!

      • teri garner04-12-2012

        Thank you for your promptness! I’ve ordered another bottle.
        Many thanks to you.

  11. Cheryl Johnson01-28-2012

    Doctor, I have looked and tried to research now for over a week to verify Estrovera is in fact the same as Siberian Rhubarb? All searches lead me to that but nothing that comes right out defines it. Please clarify for me.

    • Dr. Wendy Warner01-29-2012

      Hi Cheryl. Yes, Estrovera (made by Metagenics) is the only product in this country that contains Siberian Rhubarb. The company doesn’t sell directly to individuals; you need to get it via a healthcare provider. Some spots on line may carry it, however. Good luck!

  12. Stacy Toyon01-19-2012

    Hi Dr. Warner,

    I saw you on Dr. Oz and had a question, I have been fighting breast cancer and the chemotherapy and accompanying surgeries put me into abrupt menopause. I am now on tamoxifen and the hot flashes and weight gain are significant. Since my estrogen is being purposefully suppressed, would these supplements and smoothies still work for me?

    Thanks for any advice you could give me.


    • Dr. Wendy Warner01-20-2012

      It’s extremely difficult to counteract the flashes, nightsweats, etc that occur with tamoxifen…but it’s possible. Black cohosh, which we didn’t discuss on the show, has been shown to be not only safe but also possibly synergistic with tamoxifen, allowing it to work better. The black cohosh will help with the flashes somewhat. The siberian rhubarb extract isn’t recommended during active treatment of breast cancer, as we think it actually acts on estrogen receptors—this would be counterproductive! You definitely need to be dealing with adrenal issues, so management of stress, taking adaptogens like ashwaganda and others, would all be a good idea.
      You might want to look for an integrative holistic physician in your area to help you with this. Go to http://www.abihm.org or http://www.functionalmedicine.org and do a search.
      Best to you!

  13. Frances Pane01-17-2012

    Dr. Warner, Wonderful exposure for Functional Medicine! And you were a great favorite. I watched it while my husband was getting hyperbaric oxygen treatment for stroke and have since had a friend ask about HBOT for Alzheimer’s disease. So many of our problems are about stress and what we consume (not drugs!) but when is “traditional medicine” going to realize that?

    • Dr. Wendy Warner01-18-2012

      Thanks Fran. Good to know your husband is still getting HBOT….and that you’re spreading the word! Dr Perlmutter would be proud.

  14. Flo Deems01-17-2012

    I attended the Doctor and Chef lecture/dinner last week at the Yardley Inn. I want to thank Dr. Warner for a very enjoyable and informative evening. It’s been only a week, but since I’ve made a real effort to keep gluten to a minimum in my diet, my chiropractic adjustments are holding better! I know that gluten, among other effects, does cause inflamation in my hips and shoulders and a few places along my spine. All this has eased up in only a week.

    About your smoothie: if I were to add fruit to the rest of those ingredients, my intestines would feel very bloated – the fruit will digest quickly and then ferment while the rest of the ingredients finish digesting. So I never mix fruit in any form with proteins and veggies.

  15. Pam Shadzik01-17-2012

    Is it okay to make the smoothie a few days in advance or will it loose its potency?

    • Dr. Wendy Warner01-17-2012

      Please make it as you go. If it needs to sit a few hours, that’s ok, but not more than that!

  16. Claudia Gladish01-17-2012

    Thanks so much, Wendy, for all the informative filling-in-the-gaps. I was so proud of you and impressed with your cool-headedness (just like a great office visit) on screen. How hugely supportive Dr. Oz was for you and your thinking and sharing of what’s really going on when we struggle with menopause-related problems. I feel proud you’re my doctor, and hope you will be able to fit in all the new patients! Lots of love — Claudia

  17. Kathie01-17-2012

    Thought you were great on the show, got my whole family to watch! I’m going to try the smoothie…have you ever made it without fruit?

    • Dr. Wendy Warner01-17-2012

      No, I always add at least a little fruit. I Love greens, but can’t imagine how “tart” this might be without the sweetness of the fruit. If you try it, let me know!

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