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Hurricane Sandy–Closings


This is just a quick note re: storm issues.  Lower Makefield Township has declared a state of emergency for Monday October 29 beginning at 6am.  Vehicles are prohibited on all roadways.  Although we are not in that township, many of our patients either reside there or have to drive through there to reach the office. Therefore, Medicine in Balance will […]

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Friday starts our fall Detoxification, and I’m reminded that not everyone really understands what this is all about and why in the world we choose to do this a few times a year.  So here is both a reminder to get on board if you want to join us (get your “stuff” by Thursday at the latest) and an explanation…..

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Dreaming Big


Labor Day.  The end of summer.  And for me, the best time to reassess what I’ve been doing and start making adjustments.  (January has never made any sense to me—why change when it’s cold and dark and has been that way for a long time?).

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Calling All Foodies and Those Who Want to Learn


Even though I’m no longer in school, August still feels the way it did back then:  my last big chance to take advantage of the summer and do all those things I had planned to do but haven’t pulled off yet! It’s also the time to start planning for Fall.  So here we go, what’s in store at MIB for […]

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A Warning?


So, I mentioned last week that I was away at the annual conference for the Institute for Functional Medicine.  What I didn’t say (other than the >100 degree heat!) was that the conference was all about cardiometabolic syndrome.

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Hope is in the Air


Right now, I’m in (sweltering) Phoenix, attending the annual conference of the Institute for Functional Medicine.  This organization educates healthcare practitioners in a different way of looking at health and disease—looking at systems biology and underlying processes, not just fitting the symptoms into a particular diagnosis.  It’s the way I’ve been looking at my work for a long time, and […]

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Correction to Date for Sally Miller’s talk


Please note that my last post listed Sally’s talk as Sunday July 10th.  Well, there isn’t such a day, is there?  The talk will actually occur Sunday July 8th.  Sorry for the mistake.

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Sad News and Other Updates


We’ve had a very sad time this past weekend.  Nellie, our 17 year old Peke-a-Poo, had taken a turn for the worse, so we helped her pass over.  She’d had congestive heart failure for a long time, as well as a bad back… the weekend, even at rest her breathing was really labored.  Funny, she never really complained—just tried to […]

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