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Spring for REAL


Even though it’s a tad chilly in the shade, I’m able to type this out on my deck.  Here’s the surest sign of spring that I know:  the turtles have come up from the canal and are lounging in the sun on overturned logs.  That and swamp cabbage coming up are even more “spring” than the daffodils that finally bloomed!

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I get to be a patient!


I had an entirely different post mostly completed, but have decided to trash it in favor of this one. This morning, Trooper and I were out on our walk—later than usual, because it is my late day in the office.  As I tried to get off to the side of the road to avoid a school bus, I stepped off […]

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Make this Your Year


A lot of people have already told me that they plan to make this year “all about me”—that is, they plan to finally take care of themselves for a change, and not just everyone else.  I think that’s a great plan.  So many of us run around looking after all the other folks in our lives, leaving ourselves out.  I […]

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Friday starts our fall Detoxification, and I’m reminded that not everyone really understands what this is all about and why in the world we choose to do this a few times a year.  So here is both a reminder to get on board if you want to join us (get your “stuff” by Thursday at the latest) and an explanation…..

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Dreaming Big


Labor Day.  The end of summer.  And for me, the best time to reassess what I’ve been doing and start making adjustments.  (January has never made any sense to me—why change when it’s cold and dark and has been that way for a long time?).

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Fun Stuff and Announcements


It’s nearly Spring, so we thought we’d share some cool things we’ve found lately, just for fun!

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Detox Part II (Liver Detoxification at the Equinox or When Ill)


The word “detox” gets thrown around a good bit in the lay press, but there are actually some very specific processes that are being referred to here.  The liver is the main organ of detoxification, using 2 sets of chemical reactions to clean up inflammatory debris,as well as break down and rid the body of toxic chemicals.  Most toxic substances […]

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