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Things you may not know about MIB….


It struck me recently that there are a lot of things going on at MIB that folks don’t seem to know about.  Mostly that’s because it’s a complex place, and we all focus on what’s most important to us.  So here are a few things you might not be aware of: Rad oil This is an herbal oil that I […]

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Group Visits at MIB!


Ok, I’ve been alluding to these for awhile now….we’ve decided to postpone them due to the crazy winter, but now they’re set up and ready to go! So what exactly is a group visit?  This model was designed at least 15 years ago, as a way to engage patients in their own care, use providers’ time more effectively, and lower […]

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Spring for REAL


Even though it’s a tad chilly in the shade, I’m able to type this out on my deck.  Here’s the surest sign of spring that I know:  the turtles have come up from the canal and are lounging in the sun on overturned logs.  That and swamp cabbage coming up are even more “spring” than the daffodils that finally bloomed!

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Happy New Year!


I’m assuming that if you spend any time at all on the internet, you’re getting flooded with “How to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick” kind of info.  There’s lots of talk out there about how to lose weight, exercise more regularly, etc, etc, etc……but I don’t want to go down that path.  Most folks get off track in weeks […]

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Winter Solstice


There are all kinds of issues around being politically correct this time of year—do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah, and are you horrible if you forget to mention Kwanzaa?  Let’s face it:  they are all festivals of light, centered around family and friends, with more or less religious backgrounds.  So does it matter what we say to one […]

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Dreaming Big


Labor Day.  The end of summer.  And for me, the best time to reassess what I’ve been doing and start making adjustments.  (January has never made any sense to me—why change when it’s cold and dark and has been that way for a long time?).

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A Warning?


So, I mentioned last week that I was away at the annual conference for the Institute for Functional Medicine.  What I didn’t say (other than the >100 degree heat!) was that the conference was all about cardiometabolic syndrome.

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Just Beneath Your Skin


It’s the time of year when we shake off the lethargy of winter, strap on our sneakers and go outside.  We do long walks, start back to running, maybe play ball again.  (And this year, since it’s warm so soon, we’re getting started even earlier than usual!).

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