Hope is in the Air


Right now, I’m in (sweltering) Phoenix, attending the annual conference of the Institute for Functional Medicine.  This organization educates healthcare practitioners in a different way of looking at health and disease—looking at systems biology and underlying processes, not just fitting the symptoms into a particular diagnosis.  It’s the way I’ve been looking at my work for a long time, and […]

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Correction to Date for Sally Miller’s talk


Please note that my last post listed Sally’s talk as Sunday July 10th.  Well, there isn’t such a day, is there?  The talk will actually occur Sunday July 8th.  Sorry for the mistake.

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Sad News and Other Updates


We’ve had a very sad time this past weekend.  Nellie, our 17 year old Peke-a-Poo, had taken a turn for the worse, so we helped her pass over.  She’d had congestive heart failure for a long time, as well as a bad back…..by the weekend, even at rest her breathing was really labored.  Funny, she never really complained—just tried to […]

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I spent a good bit of time over this past weekend thinking about responsibility.  If you agree with me that we are our own healers (care providers like myself simply show you a path), then we all need to take responsibility for our own health.  It’s not “here, fix me”. Health is a journey that we each travel alone; we […]

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Spring Cleaning


There is something about this time of year that makes me want to lighten my load. Usually that includes opening closet doors, taking everything out and only replacing the stuff that we actually use and love.  It’s amazing how much junk two adults can accumulate!  I think I learned to do this as a child, when my folks would periodically […]

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April and May Events


Although the nice weather makes it hard to imagine doing anything INSIDE, we really do have a nice group of events and classes coming up soon.  Here’s the run-down:

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Just Beneath Your Skin


It’s the time of year when we shake off the lethargy of winter, strap on our sneakers and go outside.  We do long walks, start back to running, maybe play ball again.  (And this year, since it’s warm so soon, we’re getting started even earlier than usual!).

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Fun Stuff and Announcements


It’s nearly Spring, so we thought we’d share some cool things we’ve found lately, just for fun!

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