Dr Oz Air Date Set!


We’re pleased to announce that an air date has been set for Dr Warner’s debut on the Dr Oz show:  Friday, January 13, 2012.  She is one of what Dr Oz is calling the “Fabulous Four of Functional Medicine”; other guests on the show include Mark Hyman, MD, David Perlmutter, MD and Susan Blum, MD. To find your local time […]

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Most Important Meal of the Day?


No matter what other resolutions you make next month, I’d like to suggest one that will have a huge impact on your health :  eat breakfast.  Make sure it’s healthy.  Try to eat it sitting down, not driving a car or at a computer.  Do it within an hour of getting up.

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Dr Warner to be a guest on the Dr Oz show!


Integrative Medicine gets National TV Exposure!

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Hello all, just testing my feedburner RSS feed to make sure you are all getting my updated posts.

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Announcements and Upcoming Events


The fall is usually a busy time for me, with several different teaching events commanding my attention.  I’ll write more about those soon, but wanted to send out this note as a “Save the Date” announcement for upcoming events.

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Mentors, Friends, Heroes


Last week, my dear friend, Dr Lee Lipsenthal, passed over.  He was just 2 years older than I, and had developed esophageal cancer which was diagnosed in 2009.  The prognosis for this disease is abysmal, and the chances of his living as long as he did were only about 5%, but that didn’t make it any easier to get the […]

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MIB’s 7th Birthday Party!


So, hard to imagine, but MIB opened it’s doors September 24th, 2004.  It’s time to celebrate all that we’ve become since then!  (For the record, none of the same practitioners or staff who started with me are still with me….so either I’m a total pain to work with, or it takes a different kind of energy to start something than […]

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Detox Part II (Liver Detoxification at the Equinox or When Ill)


The word “detox” gets thrown around a good bit in the lay press, but there are actually some very specific processes that are being referred to here.  The liver is the main organ of detoxification, using 2 sets of chemical reactions to clean up inflammatory debris,as well as break down and rid the body of toxic chemicals.  Most toxic substances […]

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