We All Can Use Some Hand-Holding


Most of us have really good intentions for our health.  We get that we should eat more carefully, move more, be more mindful.  Actually being able to make that happen is another thing altogether.  And what happens when you find yourself with a new diagnosis–labwork shows that you have insulin resistance, or high cholesterol, or an autoimmune condition?  Suddenly that “theoretical” stuff about change becomes more important, but it can feel really daunting to face.  I should know.  I developed an autoimmune condition a number of years ago, and even with my knowledge, making all the lifestyle changes that were necessary ACTUALLY happen was a big challenge and took a lot of time.  And I’m still not perfect.

Enter the health coach.  These professionals are trained to understand not just the medical issues you might be facing, and all the appropriate diet/movement/mindfulness to recommend, but also the intricacies of human frailty and how to help nudge people along the path toward improvement.  It’s easy for me to say “You need to do such and such”…..what they actually do is say “Tell me who you are and what your life looks like.  Let’s make these goals work for you”.

Joining Kristin Tomlinson is MIB’s newest addition, Dana Baron.  Dana is a certified functional medicine coach, herbal educator, and health care advocate.  Dana began her career in academia, earning a BA from Harvard and a PhD from Penn.  Her health coach training includes certification in health coaching, herbalism, physiology, and positive psychology; certification in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, and practical experience in another functional medicine practice plus 5 years in private practice.  In addition to coaching, she can help you navigate the healthcare system by attending office visits with you, “translating” the medical speak and helping to interpret treatment options and support your decision making.  She and I have had several clients in common for a few years now.

Dana will be joining us beginning April 6, 2018 and will be available on Fridays from 10am-2pm.  For more information about her and her work, go to www.healingpathcoaching.com.  To book an apt, please call 215-741-1600.


Reminder:  March Food Group Potluck is cancelled.  Sorry.  The topic for April’s get together will be “Clearing out the freezer and fridge–what can I make with the odd assortment of things I still have stashed away?”


Also:  remember to sign up for your CSA NOW!  I know it still feels like spring is far away (actually, it’s just next week!), but our farmers have already ordered their seed and are starting baby plants.  They might need to repair fences and high tunnels after the storms.  This all takes money…..and they won’t have much income til the crops are harvested.  So, join now.  Invest in local food.  Invest in your own health.



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