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February Events at MIB

A quick update as to events for the month of February (can't imagine that it's time to post this already!): Yoga Slots are available for both the Monday night class with Jeanie (6:30-8pm) and for the Friday evening yin yoga class with Sally (5:30-7pm).  The yin class...

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Keeping Cooking Real

I was thinking this past weekend about how best to get across the idea of appropriate nutrition and nourishment....appropriate amounts of nutrient dense foods, eating in a way to enhance both absorption and enjoyment, and how to make it real and do-able. When Chef...

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Reminder of Upcoming Events

Since I first posted this list of events prior to the holiday, I thought I'd send out a reminder, just so you don't miss out on anything important.  There are also a few additions, so read carefully! 1/3/12  7-9pm:  Healthy Living Food Group  Ok, you've already missed...

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Planning for Creativity

Part of what makes us happier human beings is the creative process.  Having an outlet for our thoughts, our emotions, our creativity, puts new meaning into life and keeps things "juicy".  However, it's really easy to think you don't have time or even that you don't...

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Dr Oz Air Date Set!

We're pleased to announce that an air date has been set for Dr Warner's debut on the Dr Oz show:  Friday, January 13, 2012.  She is one of what Dr Oz is calling the "Fabulous Four of Functional Medicine"; other guests on the show include Mark Hyman, MD, David...

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