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Let Food Be Your Medicine: Eat Your Greens!

One of the loneliest parts of the produce section is the area where they pile up the greens—kale, spinach, chard, mustard greens, turnip greens and the like. Not that many people know how to cook them, and fewer actually know why they should. However, these humble and inexpensive foods pack an enormous amount of vital nutrients into just a few calories, and should be a regular part of everyone’s diets.MORE

Diet Aids and Meal Substitutes: Are They Worth It?

If you’re like many Americans, January means resolutions…..and the most common one around is to lose weight. For some, that means considering meal substitutes—the bars and shakes that promise convenience and weight loss all at once. Just what is in these things, and are they worth it? MORE

Eating to Support Your Liver

“Liver Detox”…’s a term that gets thrown around a lot at healthfood stores, and although some folks have a vague notion that it’s a good thing, most people don’t really know what it’s all about. At most healthfood stores (and probably on late-night TV, I don’t know), there are many different supplements for sale that supposedly help detox your liver. Detoxification is a real term, and vital to our health. Although other parts of our body are involved, our livers do the bulk of the work. MORE

Eating for Your Heart

February, the month when we all focus on the heart. Usually, we think of emotions and romance, but let’s also think of the health of our hearts. (Besides, if we don’t have healthy hearts, we won’t be much good in the romance department!). MORE

Wellness with Walnuts

I’m going to suggest that this year you add something different to your Easter basket: walnuts. (Don’t worry, I’ll give you a recipe that turns them into candy!). Although I couldn’t find enough healthful information—or any, actually—to recommend those odd little marshmallow “peeps”, adding in some walnuts instead will make your celebration both tasty and better for you. MORE

Hot and Spicy and Good for You

May signals the arrival of Cinco de Mayo, the celebration of Mexican Independence—and a good excuse to eat some great spicy food. Mexican food is so diverse that I’d be perfectly happy eating it many nights a week. The good news is that all those chili peppers are also really healthy. MORE

Soy: Friend or Foe?

If you pay attention long enough, it seems that every piece of nutritional information you receive will be disputed. Sometimes that is simply a matter of new information, sometimes it is a matter of marketing….and sometimes, it is just because the information is complex. Soy nutrition fits into the latter category. MORE

Growing Living Foods in Your Own Kitchen

Are you wistful for the days when you had your own garden and picked produce right before you ate it? Or have you never had much of a green thumb, but would still like to grow some of your own food? You’d love to grow things but are just too busy to be bothered? Then growing your own sprouts fits this bill nicely. MORE

Food as a Memory Enhancer

I imagine that most folks reading this article have, at some point, wondered why they can’t seem to remember much anymore. Memory loss –or at least poor retrieval—is becoming a monumental issue in this country. MORE

Hunting Down Good Food

It’s summer, and you’re ready for the rich, full taste of fresh produce. Do you stop at your local grocery store (chain or otherwise), or do you seek out truly fresh, local veggies and fruit? I’m hoping to give you enough information to help you avoid the grocery store and take advantage of the abundance we have here in Bucks and Montgomery counties. MORE

Edible Flowers: Adding Color and Flavor to Your Plate

So you’re wondering why you would want to eat flowers…..actually, you probably already do. Broccoli and cauliflower are both technically unopened flower buds. MORE

Summer Abundance

If the season has been good to you, you’re probably wondering what to do with all the cucumbers and summer squash you have in your garden. Someone asked me recently what each of these vegetables are good for other than for “crunch”, as they seem to be mostly water. They actually pack in a lot of nutrients in a small space.MORE

Avoiding Refrigerator Slime

Hopefully, you’ve been busy all summer gathering fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers to improve your diet, make your taste buds happy, and help save a local farm. Unfortunately, if you’re like most Americans, you’ve also been throwing out 14-25% of this food due to spoilage!…Here are some great ideas on how to save money, vitamins and taste. MORE

MSG and Aspartame: Too much of a Good (?) Thing

Our bodies are very complicated mechanisms. It’s not uncommon to find that many substances in small amounts are a normal and vital part of our make-up, while at higher amounts they cause trouble. This is the case with MSG and apartame (sold as Nutrasweet ® and Equal ® ). MORE

Understanding Fats in Your Diet, Part I

There is a lot of confusion and misconceptions out there about dietary fat, and it’s time to set things straight. MORE

Eating Healthy Fats, Part II: No More Low-Fat Anything

As you begin to read this article, you need to know that I’m a cholesterol and fat radical. Much of what you’re about to read may be counter to what your cardiologist has told you, as well as some of the ever-confusing “popular wisdom” out there. Know that there is good science behind everything I’m going to say, but there isn’t space here to reference it all. (Feel free to contact me for details if you like). MORE

Raw Food, Living Food

Many people are willing and even eager to change how they eat in order to improve their health. Of the many choices that could be made to achieve this, raw food diets are an option. A true “raw foodist” eats at least 75 % of their food uncooked. This manner of eating can be considered controversial, as it has both pros and cons. MORE

Winter Squash: More than just decoration

This time of year, it’s common to see squashes laid out in decorative heaps—dark green acorn squash, cream colored butternut, or red/orange pumpkins mixed with dark green striped Hubbards. In addition to making a beautiful display, they are a tasty source of many helpful nutrients… MORE

Beets to Build Your Heart and Bones

Growing up, the only beets I ever tasted were canned beets that my mom then “pickled” with onions and hard boiled eggs. I thought they were truly horrible and avoided beets for a very long time. When I first tasted freshly cooked beets, I was amazed at the difference! MORE

Digest This

We’re heading into a season that for many people means gastric disaster. Parties, social events, food gifts and overindulgence all can mean problems with digestion and symptoms such as bloating, gas and discomfort. There are, however, herbs and spices that can help alleviate these symptoms…MORE