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Provider Biographies

Suzette Gore, LOM – Acupuncture, Matrix Energetics, Bach Flower Remedies

suzette-goreSuzette is a national board certified, licensed Practitioner of Oriental Medicine in PA/NJ/NY, as well as a certified Matrix Energetics and Bach Flower Registered Practitioner. She is a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine’s 4yr. program in NYC and has been in practice in Bucks County for more than a decade. Styles of Acupuncture include Balance Method, Tung Style, TCM, Auricular ‘ 5-Element, all of which are applied with a very gentle and caring touch, along with adjunct techniques like heat therapy, guasha and cupping. Traditional diagnostic methods are supplemented with computerized Digital Meridian analysis and testing with the Bio-Meridian device both allowing for greater refinement in treatment strategies and patient tracking over time.

To further balance body-mind-spirit, Bach Flower Essences may also be selected – these homeopathic remedies gently transform negative emotions into their positive vibrations, thus freeing the individual to experience greater joy, health, and fulfillment in life. Suzette is also listed on the International Registry of Bach Flower Essence Practitioners.

Additionally, patients can access new frontiers and possibilities for healing and instantaneous change with Matrix Energetics (sessions both in-office and remotely). This transformation takes place by communicating with the “wavefronts” of light and information that create all of our reality, allowing one to collapse the wave of quantum potential into new and different outcomes –it’s a process that can only be experienced vs. described!

By combining these various modalities with a dose of good humor, Suzette is passionate about bringing positive change and transformation into the lives of all her patients.

Thomas E. Sabalaske, DO – Osteopathic Manipulation

tom-sabalaskeTom is a board certified physician in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. He practices full time as a family practitioner at Feasterville Family Practice in Feasterville, PA. Tom has had a special interest in manipulation since 1996 and has attended numerous seminars and conferences. He is currently director of osteopathic manipulation training in the Frankford Hospital system, teaching the interns and residents osteopathic skills. He has also taught both locally and internationally with the Osteopathic Health and Wellness Institute.

Tom is a 1999 graduate of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his internship and residency at the Frankford Hospitals.

Osteopathic Manipulation is a hands-on healing technique that utilizes gentle manual force to affected areas to treat structural abnormalities and misalignments. In addition to repositioning misaligned bones, OMT allows for attention to soft tissue in order to determine the cause of the bony shifts, so that this can also be addressed and further shifting avoided. Treatments themselves are gentle and subtle but the effects long lasting.



Brad Hubbell, CH – Stress Management

Brad provides stress reduction and emotional management through both heart-rhythm biofeedback (HRV) and medical hypnotherapy to help our patients prevent, manage, and reverse the negative effects of stress and unhealthy behavior.

Using the techniques and tools of the HeartMath Company, you can learn to shift to a positive emotional state and see the effects on the computer screen right before your eyes. The change in heart rate variability immediately triggers a healthy psycho- physiologic response in your body that benefits the whole body, mind and spirit: blood pressure drops, stress hormones decrease, the immune system engages. You will feel balanced, calm, and in control.

Or experience the deeply relaxing, behavior transforming state of hypnosis. Brad has advanced certification in medical hypnotherapy from Medical Hypnotherapy Associates in North Wales, PA.

Brad enjoys using both his skills in biofeedback and hypnotherapy to work with clients motivated to achieve new levels of health and well-being.


Lori Schlosser, PhD, CRS – Rubenfeld Synergy

lori-schlosserLori is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist known for providing a warm, accepting and safe environment for healing, self-discovery and personal growth. Combining talk, touch, compassionate listening, movement and humor, the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® uses the body as a doorway to the self.

Throughout life, stress, memories and emotions are all stored in our bodies. They show up as tensions, aches and pains and can cause us to feel chronically tired, or emotionally drained and disconnected. Ignored long enough, they can manifest as diseases.

Lori is honored to assist each client in discovering the connection between their emotional and physical experiences and the wisdom of their body-mind. She loves guiding them as they become aware of the memories and messages stored in their bodies and supporting them as they begin to

  • make choices with clarity,
  • change habitual patterns that don’t work for them anymore, and
  • move with confidence, comfortable in “their own skin.

Lori has a Masters degree and a PhD in Social work with a Certificate in Gerontology. She has over 25 years experience in the mental health field, with special expertise in wellness and recovery. Lori is an adjunct faculty member at the Rutgers University Graduate School of Social Work. She is also a Ceritified Laughter Leader.



Lisa Weikel – Shamanic Healing

lisa-weikelLisa is a writer, student of shamanism, and attorney for over 25 years. Uniquely blending intuition, pragmatism, wisdom, and humor, she helps create unexpected shifts in perspective that lead to healing in the most surprising ways. Lisa has been inspired to seek out, train with, and receive initiations from wisdomkeepers in the Q’ero (Inkan), Tuvan (Siberian) and Celtic traditions, among others, and brings aspects of each of these traditions to her shamanic work with clients.

To learn more about Lisa, shamanism, and what to expect in her sessions, go to



Laurie Van Valkenburg, CMT – Shiatsu/Shin Tai

laurie-van-vaulkenburgh-shiatsuSince 1986 Laurie has studied and worked in the field of holistic healing. She attended the International School of Shiatsu in Doylestown, PA and graduated in 2000. She holds certifications in Quan Yin Healing, Reiki Levels I & II, Foot Reflexology, Shiatsu, Macrobiotic Counseling, and advanced levels of training in Shin Tai. The Shin Tai training includes Structural Alignment, Central Channel Integration, Cranial-Sacral and Myofascial Release. Laurie is a member of the American Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).

To learn more about Laurie, shiatsu, and what to expect in her sessions, go to



Kristin Tomlinson – Nutritional Counseling

nutrition counseling with kristin tomlinson Kristin is a Clinical Nutritionist, with years of experience in health coaching and nutritional counseling. Her approach is whole-foods based, whether it is simply helping you set up a basic healthy eating plan or devising specific plans to support a new medical diagnosis. She has experience in performing BioImpedence Assessments as well as exercise suggestions for specific goals. In addition, she is a trained yoga teacher.

To learn more about Kristin, go to


Meet the Office Staff

Darlene Dippolito

Darlene is the anchor of our front office staff, as she has many years experience working the front office, doing billing and managing accounts medical offices in Bucks County. She’s always in a good mood and ready to help you out in any way she can.

Tracy Coleman

Tracy also has been doing front office work for many years, and has been with MIB for a few years now.  She’s also trained in shiatsu massage, so she “gets” what we do!



Ash is the newest four legged member of our family.  Although she is generally very quiet at the office, she’s a whirlwind at home, used to wresting with larger dogs and chasing deer in the woods near our place.  Her habit is to play ball in the parking lot during lunch—it helps her stay quiet during the afternoon!  As always, if you’re allergic, please let us know and we’ll be sure to leave her at home that day.






trooper2Trooper is Nellie’s younger brother, and sometimes spends time with us at MIB. He’s amazingly calm for a young Aussie, and smart as a whip. He hasn’t done “pet therapy” training yet either, but his energy and enthusiasm will be sure to make you smile. If you’re allergic to 4 legged friends, please let us know and we’ll keep him away.






nellieNellie was our original “pet therapist” who hung out with us and greeted patients each day. She passed in the early summer 2012, but sometimes we still feel her presence. We’re leaving her photo here, as she was such a big part of the practice that it feels wrong to remove her.