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New Patients

For your first visit to see Dr. Warner at Medicine in Balance, please print out and complete our New Patient Information Forms (pdf). Bring this with you to your visit, along with all of your supplements, herbals and prescription medications for Dr Warner’s review.

mib-87-wandsReturn Visits

For follow up visits and annual gyn exams for established patients, please fill out our Return Visit Update Form (pdf) and bring it each time you visit the office.

Expectations for GYN visits

Dr. Warner will perform a complete exam along with Pap test and other indicated studies. She will review your health history and discuss diet, exercise, supplements and other issues as time allows. Please review our requests regarding your medical information.

Expectations for holistic counseling visits

Dr. Warner will review your medical history and all labs and studies you provide, and will form a plan with you to enhance your healing and optimize your health. Please review our requests regarding your medical information.


About Herbal Medicines

    • You must treat herbal preparations with respect; although doses of active ingredients are lower than in pharmaceutical preparations, herbs can still have adverse effects and are not necessarily safer.


  • It is important that you comply with the recommended dosage. * Inform us of ALL medicines and supplements you are taking, including over-the-counter medicines. Without this information, we cannot adequately treat you and you may be at risk for interactions.
  • Bring all the bottles of drugs, herbs, supplements and vitamins to your visit, to provide us with an accurate picture of doses and what plants are included in combination herbal products.
  • Most herbal preparations take time to reach their full potential; you may not see a change for two-three months. Please be patient and continue any given treatment for the time recommended.
  • Lifestyle issues are important in holistic healing. It seems counterproductive to spend money on many supplements each week if you also continue to smoke, drink heavily, make poor food choices and forgo exercise.



Medical Information

We can be much more efficient during your visit if we have all pertinent medical information about you.

Please bring along to your visit the completed Patient Health Information Form or Health Update Form. (Links to the forms can be found in the top left box.)

Other items to bring:

  • Results of recent blood tests
  • Results of medical tests such as DEXA scans (bone mineral density)
  • All herbs and supplements you take
  • All medicines you take
  • All over-the-counter drugs you take
  • A list of your questions and concerns