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Quick Coherence Technique®


Look at the changing HRV pattern above. To cause this to happen to yourself, try the following…it takes about 5 minutes.

Heart Focus: Focus your attention in the area of your heart.

Heart Breathing: As you focus on your heart, pretend you are breathing through that area. Breathe slowly and gently (to the count of 5 or 6) until your breathing feels smooth and balanced – not forced. As you continue to breathe, you will find a natural inner rhythm that feels good.

Heart Feeling: Continue to breathe through your heart and try to find a positive feeling, like appreciation for someone or something. You can recall a time when you felt wonderful inside and re-experience that feeling. It could be for a pet, a special place in nature, or an activity that was fun.

Once you have found a positive feeling – sustain this feeling by continuing heart focus, heart breathing and heart feeling.

If you can’t feel anything, it’s okay, just try to find a sincere attitude of appreciation or care.

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