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Resources and Links

mib-36-pendulumHolistic Medicine  American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. This is the certifying body for MD’s and DO’s.   American Holistic Medical Association. This is the membership organization for holistic practitioners. The site includes general information on what holistic medicine is as well as a chat/forum for the public, monitored by holistic physicians.   The Alternative Medicine Foundation, a nonprofit organization striving to provide information about holistic/alternative medicine to the public and practitioners. Includes a link to HerbMed, a searchable database of information about herbs.

Please Don’t Label My Child: Break the Doctor-Diagnosis-Drug Cycle and Discover Safe, Effective Choices for Your Child’s Emotional Health by Scott Shannon, MD. Dr Shannon is a holistic child psychiatrist and friend of Dr Warner’s. This book outlines the underlying flaws of our current medical system when it comes to overdiagnosis and treatment of mental illness in children, and discusses how to delve into the child’s nutrition, family life, connections and other areas prior to turning to medication.

General Health Topics

UltraPrevention by Mark Liponis, MD and Mark Hyman, MD. This book covers “how to get and stay healthy” with essentially the same approach that we use at Medicine In Balance. It’s complete but not overwhelming. Highly recommended.

Meditation as Medicine by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD. I often recommend this book to those who want to approach their healing from an energetic standpoint. Based in the Kundalini yoga tradition, this book covers a wide range of issues and is backed by a lot of scientific research. Fascinating work.

8 Weeks to Optimum Health. by Andrew Weil, MD. Dr. Weil is another outspoken, forward-thinking holistic physician. This book takes you through all aspects of your life, asking you to make small changes over 8 weeks. When you’re done, your life (and health) will be different!


Herbal Medicine

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless. Everything you need to know about essential oils. Written for the public and well illustrated, this book will get you started using essential oils and answer most questions you may have.

Tyler’s Honest Herbal by Steven Foster and Varro Tyler. A basic, classic herbal compendium for home use. Lists many herbs along with their uses, contraindications, side effects, etc. Written for the public, easy to use.   Site for the American Botanical Council, a nonprofit organization that serves to educate the public about herbs. A great book catalog and subscriptions to Herbal Gram, a journal of herbal medicine.   The Herbal Research Foundation. Info on herbal products, research; good links.   Site for David Winston, a well known herbalist in Northern NJ. An educator and author, David has a wealth of knowledge and this site has lots to offer.