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Resources – For Healing Professionals

For Healing Professionals

Integrative Medicineby David Rakel, MD, ed. Possibly the best overall reference on the market today.

Textbook of Functional Medicine by David S Jones, MD, ed. Specifically about functional medicine, this text is dense, absolutely packed with information. I use it all the time in caring for patients and highly recommend it.

Herb, Nutrient, and Drug Interactions: Clinical Implications and Therapeutic Strategies by Mitchel Stargrove, Jonathan Treasure, Dwight McKee. I love this book! It’s both a quick, easy way to look up interactions and a wealth of information if you have more time to read.

Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain. As an MD, I didn’t learn anatomy this way. This book was used as a text in a “Anatomy of Yoga” course that I took, and it really opened up my eyes. Probably not new material for DO’s and others, but I still find myself looking things up. American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. For those interested in learning more about holistic medicine, please see this site for the best CME review course ever. (Yes, I’m a part of it!). Also the place to go for physicians who wish to become board certified in holistic medicine. (For “patients” who are reading this��”suggest to your doc that they attend our course, even if they don’t want to get certified. It will open up their eyes to a whole new way to practice medicine). American Holistic Medical Association. This is the membership organization for those practitioners involved in holistic medicine. Although there is a strong physician presence, others can also be members. Great place to find a professional community if you’re feeling alone! Finding Balance Productions. The lifework of my friend Lee Lipsenthal, MD. Lee is dedicated to helping healing professionals find balance in their lives, avoiding overcare and burnout. He offers in-person CME lectures and workshops, as well as online CME. He also offers the world’s best week-long workshop on Molokai, Hawaii. You need to meet him.