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Resources – Sexuality & Relationships

Sexuality & Relationships

Good Vibrations Guide to Sex Straightforward information on all manner of topics related to sex, including aging, changes in libido, masturbation, etc. A must read for both partners. (See online below for

Sex Over 50 by Joel Block. Every chapter in this book is great. In-depth discussions about relationship issues, changing body image, self-esteem, how medical conditions change your sex life, lots about libido and detailed “how-to’s”. Another must read for both partners.

Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch. A good guide to achieving greater intimacy with your partner, both physically and emotionally. Very strongly recommended.

The Essential Tantra: A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality by Kenneth Ray Stubbs. Discusses a spiritual, sensual way of relating. Good section on sensual massage for couples. Mystical in some sections towards the end, which may put off some people.

The Multi-Orgasmic Woman by Rachel Abrams, MD. I’ve given talks with Rachel, who is a holistic family doc. This is a very approachable book that teaches some of the practices of Tantric yoga, which will do wonders for those having difficulty with their enjoyment of their bodies. It’s a book I recommend to patients all the time. The site for Good Vibrations, a California sex shop. Lubricants you won’t find elsewhere, books, toys, videos, good information. Highly recommended. Will NOT sell your name or addresses; very discrete. The site for Penn Council for Relationships, an organization of counselors / sex therapists with offices throughout the Delaware Valley